RIP Shelthon (Watercolor painting)


For Shelthon. RIP.

From one creative mind to another.

❤ Joelle

Materials: Watercolor paint, pen, and black pencil for some shading.


Watercolor Painting (Inspired by Agnes Cecile)

I have always been inspired by Agnes Cecile (Link: Agnes Cecile’s Youtube) and I wanted to try and do watercolors as well. I used to do watercolors in 8th grade a lot but I quit on them because they were so difficult to work with. I used to use acrylic but I got tired of the thick texture. Now I really love watercolor painting.

This is a painting I’ve been working on and it’s on A3 paper

Here are some videos of Agnes Cecile that inspired me to start watercolors again:

More paintings and drawings

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Eye drawing Materials: coloring pencils and special drawing paper.

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Airport painting materials: watercolor paint, black pens, and drawing paper


Mountain painting materials: acrylic paint, black pens, and drawing paper

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Iceberg with polar bear painting materials: watercolor paint, black pen, and drawing paper


Whale painting materials: watercolor paint, black pen, and drawing paper.

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^proof of how much I paint haha. My cardboard piece where I put all my paint on to blend is starting to look like an artpiece itself…😅

Finished the Antarctica Drawing

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I finally finished this drawing and i’m glad because it took me so long. It had so much detail but once I finished this, I realized that I have improved my skills in drawing. So it was very much worth it. I will try more drawings like these sometime.


Materials: oil pastels, black color-pencil, and charcoal.

Mountainous Night-Landscape


Materials: Special painting paper and acrylic paint.

This painting didn’t take me too long because I even used my fingers to paint this picture, so it’s kinda rough. And the stars were also not difficult because i just splattered white paint on the paper 😉


New York Graffiti Alley


I’m thinking of selling this on Etsy sometime, also with some other drawings. I’ll be planning to sell prints also and some original art.

Materials: Acrylic paint, Size: (9.8″x13.8″); Canvas



Materials: Watercolor paint, black pens, and coloring pencils.


I took reference from this picture, but i changed it up a bit. First i just drew the person and the skateboard, but then it just looked very plain so i decided to change the background to a galaxy and mountains. I don’t know why but I love the night skies and mountains.