Finished the Antarctica Drawing

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I finally finished this drawing and i’m glad because it took me so long. It had so much detail but once I finished this, I realized that I have improved my skills in drawing. So it was very much worth it. I will try more drawings like these sometime.


Materials: oil pastels, black color-pencil, and charcoal.


8 Replies to “Finished the Antarctica Drawing”

  1. I realllllyyy love this.
    Could you tell me how many years of practice it took you to reach this perfection. And off course I would love to read a post about different art techniques by you.😳
    Have a great day👍

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    1. Oh well… I’ve started drawing since I was probably 2 or 3. But I started becoming more serious in art when I was 9. From there on my drawings started to improve a lot. And when I was 12 I started doing realism. I used to do a lot of cartoons before I was 12. And you know what, maybe I should show people some of my techniques. ☺️ Have a great day as well and I hope you will also continue to draw!

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