WIPs That I never Finished


Harley Quinn: A3 sketch paper, Colored pencils (faber castle), charcoal, and just normal led pencils.


Maria Sharapova: HB2 pencil, black colored pecil. 3A sketching paper.


Hannah Pixies: HB2 Pencil. 3A Sketch paper


Cara DelevingneHB2 Pencil. 3A


My own imagination. Girl with mascara streaks: 2HB pencil. 5A skecth paper.

These are all drawings that I didn’t finish and probably lost after a while… woops. Anyways… any of you bloggers who want me to check out your blog? feel free to comment and i will check em out!


Europe (2015)

This was two years ago when I went to Europe. I went to Holland, Germany, and France. I used to grow up in Holland but I moved to Indonesia 5 years ago.

I used only my iphone (which is shattered to pieces now… haha. it was an accident!) and my ipod s5. Sadly I don’t have the money yet for a good camera.

Denis Stoff


Denis Stoff is one of my favorite musiscians and vocalists. He’s in a band called Asking Alexandria 🙂

Are any of you guys rock fans? comment! I’d like to talk about it 😉

Supplies: just a dark HB5 pencil from Faber Castle

Tribe Girl


Did this during a boring class of world history. This was from my own imagination.

Supplies: Normal pencil, Faber Castle colored pencils (the cheap, bad ones), black thin marker.

p.s. If you have questions about art, please comment and I can try my best to explain some techniques and other things.

Antarctica (WIP)


I have recently started this drawing, but it is not finished yet. I got inspired by a picture.

Supplies: oil pastels, black color-pencil, and charcoal.